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About Us

About Us

Indian Treat is one of the few enterprising company who is looking forward to a massive growth. Disrupting the set traditional business, they are emphasizing on a new strategy, a new perspective which would lead to a compounded growth in business by engaging end users to a new world of quality & variety rice, pulses, spices, food, recipes propelling growth. Indian Treat Grocer is the brainchild of a few like-minded talents who felt the call to bring in a change in this deep set Indian rice export industry. The industry had been in existence for decades cultivating, procuring different types of rice, processing rice, packing and delivering different types of grain rice as a commodity. Long grain parboiled basmati rice, long grain brown basmati rice, long grain white basmati rice, in-spite of the product being much talked about and the perfect rice varieties having a glamorous version to it, the product story often ended here.

Indian Treat Grocers (ITG) embarked on a mission in 2017 with a vision to cater Indian Rice grains to business overseas through established mainstream ethnic Grocers & HoReCa distributors around the world and build the brand as a reliable supply chain partner. With a seed venture capital and with an amplified expertise of decades, the team is here to disrupt the industry and bring about a twist a change in the story of Indian Rice industry. As per Indian Treat, in majority of the cases in rice cultivation, rice processing, rice packaging and delivery, the focus is limited to the cultivation, process and delivery of the product. “But, we will take it further from there. The focus of our story begins after our product reaches your kitchen. Our emphasis begins from there”.


About us is about our growth story which is exemplary too, with YOY growth we achieved Export House recognition from Govt. of India in very short span. We thank our investors, mentors, and trade partners for keeping us flying in this ever-changing Economic & Geo-Political turbulence. With a proven track record, well networked distribution channels, and expertise in the rice industry we have extended our wings and have made our presence felt as a prominent player growing vertically, adding more product within our fold like spices, RTE, Frozen foods, FMCG, organic and super food supplies.

The years of experience in the industry has helped us with insight, enriched us with business acumen to identify & visualize opportunities, accepting challenges, building value, nurturing alliances & partnerships, focusing on customer need, service & delivery. Leveraging on our organizational strength and understanding the demand and with the help of R&D team ITG have launched its own Pilot Label “Indian Treat” for its end customers to fill their life with joy and happiness, to make their daily life much easier.

As per the Director of the company Mr. Hitesh Mittal, “Year 2022 will be the year of leveraging on our strength,  stepping up and rising in leaps and bounds, making our presence felt in every corner of the world as a major and reliable supplier for supply chain management”.

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