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Cultivation to processing and packing of Basmati Rice

Cultivation to processing, packing of Basmati Rice

From cultivation to processing, packing of Basmati Rice and Private Labeling, Indian Treat has made a mark of its own in International Market.

Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J & K, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh are the major Basmati rice cultivation states of India. The state favors rice cultivation due to its evenly distributed rainfall, clear sky, low night temperature an ideal climate in all respects.

Cultivation of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice requires neutral soils like clay and loamy for excellent results. These soils hold moisture for a longer period.

Seed Selection

The seed selection plays an important role. After selection, the seeds are treated and the waste seeds are separated and taken out from quality seeds. The quality seed then goes through a process until germination. It continues with the land ploughing, puddling, planting, manure, irrigation, weeding, pruning and maintaining it to keep away from pest.

Harvesting and processing of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice are of two types the brown basmati rice and the white basmati rice differing in their value and nutrition. 

The harvest of Basmati rice is ready in around 3 months. Depending on the field size or the size of Harvesting, manual labor or machines are used to harvest.

The brown basmati rice is immediately available after harvesting it requires hulling and little bit of cleaning. Drying, after harvesting the rice still hold moisture in it which is either sun dried or through processing & facility centre by hot air blowing.

Hulling is a process in which the dried rice is rolled on with machines. By rolling machines the hull is loosened and removed from the rice, further down the process the hulled kernels are separated from the heavier unhulled grains

Packing and Storing of Basmati Rice

The rice is then further Milled through our processing system. In first stage the bran layer is removed, and the second stage is polishing the rice. The polished rice is the white rice which is enriched with nutrients and made more suitable for consumption. These grains are then packed ensuring the value and nutrients are retained while getting ready to be stored or transported to its destination.

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