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Long grain parboiled basmati rice AGL-6.8mm

Long grain parboiled basmati rice AGL-6.8mm


Long grain parboiled basmati rice also known as the golden rice has a different way of processing. It is processed and converted during the harvesting stage itself, the grains are soaked, steamed and later dried to reduce the moisture content before it is milled. This process helps in improving the texture, storage and health benefits, it also makes the grain transparent, it completely removes the starch coating which makes it less sticky, enabling to remain separated, it yields fluffy and separate kernels once cooked.

The process also gives the Indian rice grain or the parboiled rice an amber or golden yellow color. The process makes the rice enhance and retains it nutritional value, it’s a better source of vitamin B6, fiber, potassium and calcium.

Know how to prepare the Indian-style Pulao with Indian Treat parboiled long grain rice or how to cook the signature dish, the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani with Indian Treat long grain basmati rice.


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