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Long grain white basmati rice AGL 6.8mm

Long Grain White Basmati Rice AGL 6.8mm

The long grain white basmati rice AGL 6.8mm is considered as one of the best varieties of rice in the world. Sourced majorly from the foothills of Himalaya in northern India and exported to the major countries like US, Europe, Middle-East and Asian countries. The 2/3rd supply of the global premium long grain white rice requirement is delivered by India.The basmati long grain rice has its own health benefits.

The long grain fluffy cooking rice can also be had with curry, the rich aroma of long grains while cooked with spices in boiling water in a large pot it absorbs the essence of spices giving an added flavor. 

Know more on how to cook rice, or how to cook chicken biryani with Indian Treat long grain Rice, or the best way to cook Vegetable Biryani with Indian Treat Basmati Rice 


PR 11/14AGL 6.8mmLong grain white rice
IR 64 Long Grain. 5% Broken. Silky SortexAGL 5.9mm – 6mmLONG GRAIN WHITE RICE
IR 64 Long Grain. 25% Broken. Silky SortexLong grain white rice
IR 64 Long Grain. 25% Broken. Fan CleanLong grain white rice
SWARNA (Medium Grain)AGL 5.2 – 5.4Long grain white rice
Round GrainLong grain white rice
100% BrokenLong grain white rice
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