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Private Labeling

Private Labeling

What is Private Labeling?

When you are buying a product from a supplier and sell it to your customers under your own brand name it is called private labeling.

Generally you have few options;

  1. Manufacture, process and sell your product.
  2. You could procure branded products and sell it
  3. You could buy a product from the supplier customized to your specifications and packaging done on your own brand name and sell it to your customer.

Private labels helps you build a competitive advantage by minimizing the overhead cost while maximizing product variety and availability within short span. It not only helps in minimizing cost but also helps in your brand development & brand following by creating value cost effectively. It’s a win-win solution for retailers and customers. The retailers get a better price and profit margin private labeling the product while the customers get ample choice of product variety, quantity, quality and price.

Secondly it is economical than the national brands due to minimized overhead cost. Post pandemic the customers have tightened their purse strings, so this stands to an advantage to the retailers and customers.

ITG is a private labeling company which will help you through the process from concept to packaging and delivery.

Private labeling gives you complete authority on the quality, quantity, specifications, packaging and delivery. You need not necessarily have the knowledge of manufacturing or processing, but could get the product from a supplier who will do it for you, thereby eliminating a huge investment on processing, owning processing units, storage, hygiene, security, manpower etc;

Here is how it works?

  1. You want to sell Long Grain Rice or pulses (Lentils/Dals) and spices to your customers on your own brand name to create a local standing in the market or to create your business brand presence in the domestic or national market.
  2. You do not have the necessary infrastructure or do not wish to invest in the same,
  3. The best option is connect with ITG, a worldwide supplier of long grain parboiled basmati rice, long grain white basmati rice, long grain brown basmati rice, southern rice ranges, pulses, spices, frozen products as Private labeling product.
  4. ITG will process, package and deliver the product under your guidelines and your specifications. You just have to submit the specifications of requirement along with your logo and tagline and ITG will ship them to you directly.

What are the advantages of Private Labeling?

Cater to Market Trend

Trends keep changing as per the preference and needs of the customer and the market moves accordingly. Keeping a track and to meet the need of an ever demanding customer you could easily place the order through a mail / call in the minimum quantity required & specifications to fulfil your market needs. Get the product directly delivered to you to be served to the customers within no time. You can optimize your time, brand value and also be cost effective.

Product to Specifications

Once you have placed the order the supplier will ensure the product is processed and packaged to the guidelines and specification mentioned in the order. You have more leverage &product control.

Customized Product

One of the best advantage of private labeling is that you get the product customized, as per your requirement and in the quality and quantity required which is suitable to meet your market needs.

Cost Effective

Placing the order as per your market demand and requirement will have a direct control on the quantity and quality as well the delivery of the product which is in direct relation with your market demand, hence there is less inventory / storage required as well the products are consumed within the short span optimizing the investment making it cost effective.

Brand Development

Customers love brand. They love to associate with a good brand, private labeling helps you here by providing the product under your brand name, under your in-house label.

Creating Primary Market

By private labeling and selling you are not only creating a brand but you are creating followers of your brand. A primary market for rice varieties, the Indian basmati rice grains; the white rice, brown rice, parboiled rice, Indian lentils, and any product you may launch.

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