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Southern Rice Range

Southern Rice Range

Sona Masoori Steam, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP
Sona Masoori Steamed Rice is unpolished grain rice which is steamed directly with the paddy. It is rich in taste and low on carbohydrates and has it health benefits specifically for diabetic patient.
A medium grain rice grown mostly in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, a quick to cook grain rice, or best cooked rice with curry. It is lightweight and aromatic, sweet-smelling with a distinctive taste that is not matched by rice from any other region. It is the tastiest of all the Sona Masoori rice available in the state
sona masoori rice
Sona Masoori
Sona Masoori Rice is grown in the southern regions of India. Steamed rice, a perfect rice, an aromatic, medium grained rice and light in weight is an integral part of the South Indian cuisine. One of the best rice with side dishes.  A perfect choice with a delicate flavor, best for festival “Pongal” coconut rice, steamed rice. It is also called as “Pearls of South India”sona masoori rice
Ponni Raw
Widely cultivated in Tamil Nadu, a state of India, Ponni rice relishes in aroma, it is delicious, fluffy, soft, and is a perfect choice for a healthy diet. It enhances cardiovascular health, and blood flow, is helpful in control of diabetes due to its low glycemic load and It withstands extended shelf life.ponni raw rice
Ponni Half Boiled
Ponni Rice is a variety of rice cultivated in Southern India. Ponni literally means Gold in Tamil and also refers to River Kaveri. Parboiled rice is steamed before milling and is partially boiled in husk.
Ponni rice is a nutritious and delicious option to white rice. It’s rich in fibre and highly beneficial to diabetic patients.
ponni parboiled rice
Matta Rice
It is grown in Palakkad district of kerela also known as Kerala rice, it’s an ethnic variety of rice grown in Palakkad district of Kerala, India. Known for its source of many nutrients including carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B, Magnesium which helps in maintaining a healthy body. Calcium too which is an important factor to keep bones and teeth strong.matta rice
Idly Rice
Idli batter rice also known as converted rice or quick rice is made from a moderate grain that is mainly grown in Tamil Nadu. It’s filled with nutrients. This rice soaks faster and produces more batter. You can make use parboiled rice or idli rice for batter, with boiled rice you get a nuttier, chewier grain, while with idli rice, the idli will be softer and tastieridlyi rice
Kalijeera, Ambemore Rice
Ambemohar Rice: Awarded a GI tag, Mulshi Ambemohar rice is very popular in the state of Maharashtra as a traditional, age-old rice that was highly favoured by the rulers of Peshwa.
A short grain rice is popular for its quick-cooking characteristic and its striking aroma that is significant to mango blossoms.
kalijeera rice

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