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The Facility

The Facility

What increases the product shelf-life?

How are the product fresh and tastier?

Many question cross your mind before you buy a product for the first time, and truly said “Your mind has to be curious” to find solutions, as Martin Fischer has said…

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind”

We too were curious on how better we could retain the natural quality and shelf life of our grain, spice , pulse and frozen  products, so that when it reaches to our esteemed and valuable customers they get the premium quality, freshness and the  feeling of the Indian heritage, Indian Culture, Indian Food and they get their value worth.

Keeping in mind we built a modern rice processing and warehouse plant in_______. A sprawling unit of 2L sq ft, with the most modern facilities, technically advanced, higly skilled team, BRC certified following the protocols and guidelines of standardizing the quality, safety and operational principles


Food Safety

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious and demanding on the safety of their food supply hence as a supply chain manager food safety has become a major concern for us too, especially since 2021 we have become more vigilant about food safety and have taken up hygiene as a priority.

Various requirements necessitate transparency throughout the supply chain food safety audit trail. We at ITG has a never compromising attitude on Ethical & Safe Food Handling practices. We consciously chose & maintained all its facilities with A Grade – BRCGS as benchmark. All facilities located at Strategic Locations are FSSAI, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, NPOP, NPPO & APEDA certified.


Careful attention is needed at every step of production, hence we have setup systems at each stage right from the cultivation to the packaging facility, monitoring safety and hygiene in order to assess and eliminate the risks at an earlier stage. The same is reviewed and improved at regular intervals bringing down the risk of contamination.


We use the best of world’s technology in processing the grains. Our facility is fully automated through the entire processing and finally packaging. A spacious and sprawling unit of 2L sq ft unit with multi-level flooring concept at ————, is an ISO_______ certified unit. Every element, every design of the processing and warehousing plant is tailored to the highest international safety and hygiene standards including the room space for  operation, machine maintenance, loading & unloading space, stock maintenance etc.


We have an expert procurement team, who manages and coordinates with the farmers, uses scientific methods during the entire cultivation, harvesting and even storage of the organic produce of Basmati Rice, so as to retain its natural value.

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